Monday, 17 May 2010

24 April 2010

These comments are taken, as written, by my mammy. She may have had some liquid refreshment to assist her judgement:

Scoring: 1-6 (6 being great) (based on 2 songs overall)

Kate Nash:
A mockney - not impressed - a Lily Allen clone.
Song 2: Better, but still mockney.
Song 3: Shite.

Band of Horses:
I like - different, good voice, bit country, bit rock. Nice sound. Good song.
Song 2: Different to 1st song and a nice song, strings etc.
Song 3. Great. They entertained me and I loved them.

Jerry Dammers and Spatial AKA Orchestra:
Big band sound, but not too big band sound, different, bit of jazz etc.
Fecking outfits not necessary. Ah Jaysus, they are trying too hard. Masks and all. Started well but ended up being pretentious.
Song 2: A load of bollix.
Song 3: Ghost Town - it's not a sing to be sung in a 'brother style'. It's a Cov song.

Plan B:
He is no Jimmy Somerville. BORING. God, he's trying to rap. Said he was wiv his brother.
Song 2: Still no Somerville, slightly better. Still not impressed.

Melody Gardot:
Good singer. Nice song, bit depressing though.
Song 2: Different and not bad. Bit of jazz feel to it.

Jerry Dammers:
Trying to look like McGowan, no front teeth and his hair needs a wash.
Selfish fuck.
Ghost Town.

Thank you mammy.


Hello. This is my blog. Welcome.

The basis of this blog is to share with you, the internet, my mammy's scores and comments as she watches Later With Jools Holland. This might seem quite a dull idea for a blog, but her comments are always good fun, with scoring thrown in and best of all, sweariness. Yes, I think it IS big and it IS clever. In fairness to her though, she is a fiery redhaired Irish woman, so the swears are just a normal everyday occurrence in her vocabulary. And I've inherited that trait also.

Anyway, back to my mammy. She started writing comments and scoring the acts on Later... a few years back after I moved out. I was her link to new music and with me having flown the nest, she needed to know whether her finger was still on the pulse. She's got pretty good taste. On hearing 'Spitting Games' by Snore Patrol on the radio one day, she didn't even look up from her dinner as she said 'Ah, this song. It promises so much and delivers so little'. I couldn't have put it better myself. She should write for the NME and show those little whiny angsty bleeders a thing or two about opinions.

So I hope that this blog entertains you, even the tiniest amount. There'll be a Eurovision special in the coming weeks too so stay tuned.

Also, I realise when Later... isn't on the air, it could get a bit quiet here so I'll have to think of something else to do.