Monday, 17 May 2010

24 April 2010

These comments are taken, as written, by my mammy. She may have had some liquid refreshment to assist her judgement:

Scoring: 1-6 (6 being great) (based on 2 songs overall)

Kate Nash:
A mockney - not impressed - a Lily Allen clone.
Song 2: Better, but still mockney.
Song 3: Shite.

Band of Horses:
I like - different, good voice, bit country, bit rock. Nice sound. Good song.
Song 2: Different to 1st song and a nice song, strings etc.
Song 3. Great. They entertained me and I loved them.

Jerry Dammers and Spatial AKA Orchestra:
Big band sound, but not too big band sound, different, bit of jazz etc.
Fecking outfits not necessary. Ah Jaysus, they are trying too hard. Masks and all. Started well but ended up being pretentious.
Song 2: A load of bollix.
Song 3: Ghost Town - it's not a sing to be sung in a 'brother style'. It's a Cov song.

Plan B:
He is no Jimmy Somerville. BORING. God, he's trying to rap. Said he was wiv his brother.
Song 2: Still no Somerville, slightly better. Still not impressed.

Melody Gardot:
Good singer. Nice song, bit depressing though.
Song 2: Different and not bad. Bit of jazz feel to it.

Jerry Dammers:
Trying to look like McGowan, no front teeth and his hair needs a wash.
Selfish fuck.
Ghost Town.

Thank you mammy.


  1. Bloody hell, she's hard to please...I can see her point though. Especially the bit about Nash. I like the girl, but she's stuck being likened to Lily because...well...she is like Lily.

  2. "Trying to look like McGowan, no front teeth and his hair needs a wash.
    Selfish fuck.
    Ghost Town." - She's a better reviewer than the majority of the NME ones.