Friday, 23 July 2010

15 May 2010

Firstly, apologies for not having updated for ages. I've a million things going on at the moment. I thought with being off sick, I might update it a little.

From 15th May 2010: Scores out of 6 again.

Song 1: Not a bad singer - shite song. About 4 notes in the whole song. She is wearing spikes on her head. Footage of her appearance 10 years ago - she was shite then too.
Song 2: Sweet Dreams - herself and Jools. Not a patch on Annie
Song 3: Better - she took my advice but a bit "dancish"

Crowded House:
Song 1: Good band, not a bad song.
Song 2: Build a wall between us - I love it, won't mark it as it was already a hit. Is it Don't Dream It's Over?
Song 3: New song. A song with a story - a bit slow but I liked it.

The National:
Song 1: Sorry, neither one thing or another - boring already. A voice - bit like Johnny Cash but wasted on a poor song.
Song 2: They only know 4 notes. Fecking chancers and they get paid for rubbish!
Song 3: Terrible Love. Terrible song No U2.

LCD Soundsystem:
Song 1: Dire
Song 2: I Can Change is the song - deluded. He's about 75 - well not that old, very uncool and the song is bollix. Not much music there
Score 1

Tracey Thorn:
Song 1: Another bird and a piano and a string quartet, obligatory it seems. I was fed up but jaysis, morbid. I think it was about getting jilted.

Pete Molinari:

Song 1: Good sound but the singer is poor. I like the boogie though. Looks like a young Dylan.

Dear Jools

The show was piss poor.

Yours faithfully,

Disappointed from Coventry

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